A natural product

Flor de Sal forms a thin layer of tiny flower-like crystals on the surface of the brine.

Harvested entirely by hand, and dried in the Mediterranean sun, Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc is a superb natural product. Obtained by a delicate process in which nothing is added or taken away, Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc doesn’t just taste and smell of the sea, but contains as many as 80 seawater elements and trace elements. Its percentage of sodium chloride (the main component of common salt) is lower than in other salt types. Magnesium, naturally present in sea water, is one of the first elements brought to the surface by the action of sunlight and wind – which explains why Flor de Salt has a magnesium concentration between 16 and 20 times higher than that of ordinary sea salt. It also contains double the amount of potassium, calcium, and numerous trace elements.

Flor de Sal’s mineral composition makes it an ideal choice for the health-conscious gourmet.

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