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The website uses cookies and other similar mechanisms (referred to hereinafter as Cookies). A cookie is a small file stored on users´ computers which enables us to recognise them. The range of cookies helps us to improve the quality of our website, enabling us to monitor which pages our users find useful and which they do not. Cookies are essential to the performance of the Internet, providing countless advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating the browsing and usability of our website. Remember that cookies cannot damage your equipment and, to the contrary, activated cookies help us to identify and deal with errors.


Cookies can be broken down into session and persistent cookies in accordance with the length of time they remain on the computer.
a) Session cookies: temporary cookies which remain in your browser´s cookie file until you leave the website, none of which are registered on the user´s hard disc. The information obtained through these cookies serves to analyse browsing patterns on the website. In the long run, this enables us to provide a better experience by improving the content and facilitating the use of the site
b) Persistent cookies: cookies stored on the hard disc and which our website reads each time you visit again. A persistent cookie has a specific expiration date. The cookie is rendered inactive after this date. These cookies are generally used to facilitate shopping and registration services.
Moreover, and depending on the purpose of the same, these cookies can be broken down as follows:
c) Performance cookies: this type of cookie records your preferences for the tools found in the Services, meaning you don´t have to configure the service each time you visit. As an example, this type of cookie includes:
– Adjusting the volume of video and audio players.
– The preferred video resolution.
– The video transmission speeds which are compatible with your browser.
d) Geolocation cookies: these cookies are used to ascertain in which country you are when you request a service. This cookie is completely anonymous and is only used to direct the content to your location. Registration cookies: These cookies are generated once the user has registered or logged in afterwards, and are used to identify you in the Services with the following in mind:
Keeping the user identified, thereby facilitating the browsing process due to the fact the user is not required to log in again when accessing the same service at another time or on another day. This function can be removed by clicking on the “log out” feature, thereby deleting this cookie and meaning the user will need to log in again when accessing the service in the future.
Checking the user is authorised to access specific services, such as taking part in a competition, for example.
Furthermore, certain services may use links to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. When a user registers with a service with credentials from a social network, he/she authorises that network to keep a persistent cookie which records his/her identity and guarantees access to the Services until it expires. Users may delete this cookie and revoke access to the services via social networks by updating their preferences on the social network in question.
e) Analytical cookies: each time a user visits a service an external provider tool (Omniture, Netscope, Comscore and similar which may be added to this list in the event they are different to the current tools) generates an analytical cookie on the user´s computer. This cookie is only generated on the visit and will serve for subsequent visits to services to identify the visitor anonymously. The main purposes of this cookie are:
To allow for the anonymous identification of user browsers through the cookie (identifies browsers and devices, not individuals), and, as such, an approximate count of the number of visitors and their trends in the time.
To anonymously identify the most visited and, as such, the most appealing content to users.
To ascertain whether the user is new or is a repeat visitor.

N.B: Unless the user decides to register with a service, the cookie will never be associated with any data of a personal nature which might identify the same. Such cookies will only be used for statistical purposes to help optimise users´ experiences on the website.
f) Advertising cookies: this type of cookie enables us to expand the information in the advertisements shown to each anonymous user in the services, among others, and to store the length of time and frequency and viewing of advertising spots, interaction with the same, as well as the user´s browsing and / or behavioural patterns in order to help compile an advertising interest profile. This enables us to provide advertising geared to the user´s interests.

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